The All Powerful Zeus, ruler of the Gods.

According to Greek Mythology, Zeus is the youngest son of the Titans Cronos and Rhea. He has two brothers, Poseidon and Hades, and was married to his sister, Hera. Zeus had many children, with the most known being Athena.

Zeus is the God of the sky and weather, becoming known as the "Cloud Gatherer". He then became ruler of the Gods after overthrowing his father, Cronos. Along with this newfound power, Zeus used mighty thunderbolts made for him by Hephaestus to keep his opposition at bay.


[edit] Early Years

Soon after his birth, Cronos intended to eat his son as a form of sacrifice, but Rhea would not allow it. She devised a plan which involved Zeus being taken away by an eagle to a far away island where the child would be raised by his grandmother, Gaia. As he grew and matured, Zeus began to develop a hatred towards his father for enslaving his brothers and sisters. This led to him eventually turning against the man that gave birth to the young God.

[edit] The Great War

This was a giant conflict between two sides, the Gods and Titans. Zeus, in an effort to swifly end the battle, created the Blade of Olympus. This powerful weapon enabled Zeus the power to end the fight and defeat the Titans. A good number were killed off, but some were spared and enslaved. Afterwards, Zeus and his brothers divided up the world, with Zeus claiming the skies, Poseidon the seas, and Hades controlling the Underworld.

[edit] Appearance in God of War

In the first God of War, Zeus allows Athena the chance to defend her city against her brother Ares, who has decided to attack her city of Athens. Waging war against other Gods was something that Zeus had forbid from happening. As a result, Zeus offered Kratos up as a means of Athena to strike back against Ares. Also, as Kratos progresses furher in his adventure, he is granted Zeus' Fury, a very powerful lightning attack.

[edit] Appearance in God of War II

Zeus became very war of Kratos after he became the God of War. The young warrior had become frustrated with the Gods and intended to use his Spartan army to destroy anything in his path. This caused Zeus to act quickly, and he did so by taking the form of an eagle and flying to the city of Rhodes where he drained Kratos of most of his power. Zeus offered Kratos salvation through the Blade of Olympus, but it was simply a means of weakening him even further. Zeus then took the mighty blade and ran it through Kratos' chest, killing him.

Soon afterwards, Zeus destroyed the Spartan warriors who had served under Kratos. This infuriated Kratos, and after being granted the ability to go back in time by the Sisters of Fate, Kratos returned to the moment before his death at the hands of Zeus. After doing so, the two men had a lengthy battle high above in the skies. Feigning defeat, Kratos gained the upper hand and used the Blade of Olympus to stab Zeus in the chest.

Zeus then fleed and was saved by his daughter Athena, who stepped in front of Kratos' blade and died protecting her father. It was then revealed that by Athena that Kratos is actually the son of Zeus. After the battle, Zeus is shown conversing with the other Gods on Mount Olympus as they plan their attack on Kratos. Then a rumble is heard and Kratos is seen climbing he tower on the back of Titans as they prepare to take down the Gods for good.

[edit] Appearance in God of War III

whereas God of War II ended, God of War III begins with Zeus talking about the Great War and how his mountain grew as the power of the Olympian Gods did. Zeus eventually loomes over the attacking Titans as the other gods begin the battle for Olympus. after the death of Poseidon, Kratos and Gaia reach Zeus and Zeus uses a giant thunderbolt to nearly sever Gaia's hand and throw both Gaia and Kratos off of Olympus and finally throwing Kratos into the Underworld. While Kratos is communicating with Pandora in Poseidon's chambers, he pulls away Pandora and tells Kratos to stay away from this thing. At the end of the game, while Pandora tries to get into the Flame of Olympus, Zeus stops her and throws her unconsious which angers Kratos greatly and they start their final battle on a ledge. Kratos gets the overhand and throws Zeus off of the ledge while [[Pandora attempts to get into the flame where Kratos stops her and Zeus tells him him not to fail Pandora as he failed his family. As Kratos lets go of Pandora to attack Zeus, an explosion follows that ends the assault. after Kratos has found out Pandora's Box was empty he mocks Kratos for it and takes his leave. An angered Kratos meets up with Zeus at the lookout where the 2 resume their battle until an angered Gaia interupts them. Zeus then states that her pawn had failed her and that she should have chosen Deimos and an angered Gaia attempts to crush the duo but both jump into the hole that is in her chest. While Kratos is asaulting the Heart of Gaia, Zeus appears from above and attacks Kratos. The 2 resume their epic battle until Kratos pushes Zeus to Gaia's heart and impales both with the Blade of Olympus. After Gaia's death, Kratos pulls the Blade out of Zeus and takes his leave, but the spirit of Zes assaults Kratos destroying all his weapons trying to kill Kratos. After Kratos returns from his pryche he uses the power of Hope to finally kill Zeus. The death pof Zeus unleashes thunderstorms to the world and finally makes the chaos complete.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

Zeus is considered to be the strongest and most powerful of the Gods. He is able to control thunder and storms of any nature at any point in time, and is able to use lightning bolts as powerful weapons. Zeus has nearly unmatchable strength, and is capable of growing to immense sizes. He can also command his fellow Gods to do his bidding.

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