Wings of Icarus


[edit] How to get them

The Wings of Icarus are aquired after you encounter with Icarus before you enter the Palace of Fates. You tussle with Icarus for while in midair when he tries to attack you and you both descend to Atlas. Eventually you tear the wings from his back and they are added to your inventory.

Kratos flying with the Wings of Icarus

[edit] Usage

Now you have the Wings of Icarus you can use them whenever you please. This can be done simply by jumping, jumping again and pressing the X button on the controller. The wings will now appear on Kratos's back and will allow him to glide until he comes close enough to the ground that he doesn't need them and they dissappear. They wings are mainly for travelling between platforms but also serve a purpose in combat. When holding L1 if you press X Kratos will bat his wings at his enemies which can potentially knock them down but doesn't do damage.

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