According to Greek Mythology, Theseus was one of the greatest warriors of Athens. The son of Aethra and Poseidon, Theseus was looked up to due to his great accomplishments durig his lifetime. He was able to slay the mighty Minotaur in the Labyrinth by overpowering the creature with his strength and slicing its throat with his sword. Theseus was also able to defeat the Amazons while uniting the region of Attica.

[edit] Appearance in God of War II

Theseus serves the Sisters of Fate as the keeper of the Steeds of Time, four giant horses that serve as a bridge to the Island of Creation. He also has the Horse Keeper's Key, which allows access to the Steeds. Kratos and Theseus engaged in battle after Theseus refuses to give Kratos the key. He insteads wants them to battle to see who is truly the strongest warrior in Greece. After a long and intense fight, Kratos defeats Theseus by using his own spear to impale him against the door. Feeling the need to dish out more punishment, Kratos then opens the door and smashes his head in over and over again, killing the powerful warrior.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

Theseus used many different abilities when battling Kratos in God of War II. He carried with him a giant spear which was capable of shooting giant lighting-type projecticles. Along with being incredible strong, Theseus summoned icy blades from the ground beneath Kratos and brought to life many Minotaur warriors from the depths of Hades.

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