Spear of Destiny

The Spear of Destiny is a weapon found by Kratos during his adventure in God of War II. While making his way toTyphon, Kratos is attacked by the Dark Rider, leader of the Griffin Riders. The Dark Rider kills Kratos' Pegasus, sending it falling towards the ground. Kratos then jumps onto the Dark Griffin and begins fighting with the Dark Rider. Kratos uses his blades to stab the Dark Rider numerous times. Afterwards, Kratos grabs the Spear of Destiny and drives it into the Dark Griffin, killing the creature as it falls to the ground below.

Later on, while progressing towards the Island of Creation, Kratos happens upon the dead Dark Rider and it's Griffin. Finding the Spear of Destiny next to their corpses, Kratos takes it as his own.

[edit] Upgrades

Level 1 (Basic)

  • Piercing Shards: L1 + triangle
  • Piercing Shards (Air): L1 + triangle

Level 2 (Requires 3,750 Orbs)

  • Unfortunate Remains: L1 + circle

Level 3 (Requires 12,500 Orbs)

  • Altering Slash: L1 + square
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