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After the first save point, ahead of you, you will see 6 enemies firing fire arrows towards you. Run forward and hide behind one of the blocks. Behind one of the blocks you'll see a small box. Go to the box and hold R2. Keep hold of R2 to grab the box, then move the box into open space. Now


Around "The Hydra Attacks" level, you come to a door where you hear a woman screaming. To get the key, you need to climb up the small ladder next to you, then climb up the net to get to the big sea monster, Hydra. There's 2 smaller sea monsters on each side of Hydra. firstly, attack one of the smaller sea monsters until it lets you perform a mini-game attack. You'll know this because a Circle will appear above it's head. Hold Circle towards the monster, then press the right buttons as they're shown in the mini-game attack. When you knock the sea monster unconscious, jump up the boxes beside it. Then jump onto the object that's hanging by a rope. It will crush the sea monster. Do the same with the other smaller sea monster on the other side of the net. Then climb up the net in the middle. After killing the Hydra, you need to climb into it's mouth, where you will see a man hanging on by one hand. Press R2 to take his key.


After killing the huge monsters that wield the spiky ball weapon around the docks of Athens area. You go through to a room with rectangle metal towers. Under 2 of the towers are wooden boxes. Attack the boxes to break them. Jump onto the small tower at the bottom left of the room. Then jump to the tower at the top right of the screen. Then jump to the tower towards the right where the chest is. Climb up the ladder, and walk across the ledge to the next tower. Jump to the net and climb up onto the next tower. Then jump to the last tower where the door is.


After acquiring Medusa's Gaze from the God Aphrodite. You reach a save point. There's a wooden door that will need to get past. In the middle of the room is a big firing object. Go to the back of it and hold L2, then pull back on the Left Analog Stick. Let go to release. It will smash a wall to show 2 Red Orb Chests. You can't get them strait away, but later on in the game you'll be able to. Near the firing object is a lever. Pull the lever by pressing R2 next to it. You'll see the firing object being rotated towards the wooden door. Now fire it again. It will smash open the wooden door.


After Kicking down a statue. You climb onto the statues head to climb up a ladder. When you climb the ladder, you get attacked by a few monsters, and 2 Medusa's. After you've killed them, smash the concrete pillar to the left. Then climb onto the remains of it, and jump to the other pillar to get up the wall.


After pulling yourself across a rope while getting attacked by enemies. You come to a wooden door where you hear enemies trying to break through on the other side. To get through the door, go to the metal door with the strange symbol on it. Tap R2 to lift open the door. Run forward, and you'll be at the firing object that you used earlier in the game. There is a Savepoint here too. Fire the object. It will smash open the wooden door ahead of you.


After walking across the path where you see the God of War, Aries, in the distance. You come to a room where you get instantly locked in. 2 huge enemies with big hammer's attack you. In the middle of the room is a round button on the ground. If you walk onto it, the gate ahead will open. As soon as you walk off the button, the door closes. Go to where the gate is, and open the Blue Orb Chest. What you need to do is use Medusa's Gaze to freeze one of the enemies as they're stood on the button. Press Left on the Directional Pad to wield the magic. Be fast though, because when you freeze one of the enemies as they're on the button, the gate will close only a few seconds after. If you run out of magic, the Blue Orb Chest will always re-appear.


After a woman runs away from you shouting "Stay away from me" She falls off the building. At the Savepoint to the right is a locked hatch. To open the hatch, jump to the chest to the left, then jump down to the woman that fell off the building. Press R2 to take her key. Go through the door to the left, and work your way back up to the hatch. Kill the enemies that attack you on the way up. Then go to the hatch and press R2 to open it.


While going through the Rooftops of Athens. You come to a bridge where a man is on the other side holding a lever. He says he won't release the bridge for you. To get across, you'll need to get a new power from a God. Keep going across to the right, and kick over the small bridge by pressing R2. Climb down the ladder in front of you. Go down and kill the enemies in the room. There is a Savepoint here too. Run out of the room and go up to where the fire is. Some enemies on the roofs will start firing arrows at you. Just run forward past them. You come to a room with a big wooden door, and 2 doors on either side that you can lift up. When you open the door on the left, you'll see a lever. Then quite a lot of enemies will attack you. After killing them, you can pull the lever just to see what it does. Run back out to where the big firing object is. Hold R2 on the side of it, and pull it to where the lever is. Put the firing object on top of the silver circle on the ground, then pull the lever to rotate the firing object once. If you pull the lever again, it will rotate the other way instead. So take the firing object off the circle. Then pull the lever again. Now put the firing object back on the circle, and pull the lever for the last time. The firing object will now be facing the way you need it to. Push the firing object so it's facing the big wooden door, then fire it to smash open the door. Go to the God through the door, and do what you need to do to get the new power. Now go all the way back to where the man is holding the lever. Weild your new magic by pressing Down on the directional pad. Then aim and fire at the man. The lever will get released, and the bridge will be let down for you.


After meeting the old man that you see digging a hole in The Temple Of Oracle level. You come to a room where some bats climb out of holes in the walls and start attacking you. The bats will keep attacking you before you get a chance to open the door on the left. So go strait forward, and up the steps. There is 2 statues up there. Hold R2 and drag the statue on the left a little bit out from the wall. Then go to the other side and push it down the steps. Drag it to the left side of the room, where one of the holes in the wall is. Push the statue to block the hole. Then do the same with the other statue and block the other hole on the right side of the room. If you try to put the statue on the left to the hole on the right of the room, it wont fit. The statue is a man holding a shield, so the shield should be pushed towards the hole. Once you've blocked both holes, kill the rest of thr bats around you. Then go to the door at the bottom left of the room just where you came in.


After escaping the room of bats. Then after walking across the narrow obstacles above the bat room. You run up a lot of steps and get attacked by a lot of enemies. Then you see the woman hanging on by a rope. Right as you come through the door to this part of the level, you'll see 2 statues at either side of you. Drag one statue out and put it on the lift right near you. It will take the statue down. Then push the statue off the lift, and leave it there beside it. Now get the other statue and pull it towards the lift. As soon as you get it on the left, push it on top of the other other statue. Now you'll have 2 statues on top of each other. Drag this double statue to the top right of this area, just to the right of the waterfall. Jump onto where the red orb chest is. Then jump to the next one just to the left. Then jump onto the double statue, then onto the green patch on the wall, where you can climb around to save Oracle. You have a small amount of time to get through the obstacles. When you get to Oracle, jump towards her to finish the puzzle.


When you get to the desert, you need to look for the 3 enemies called Sirens to open the door. All you need to do is run around the desert looking for the the a Siren. Then Kill her to make her soul attach to the door. But make sure you press Circle when it appears above her head. Some people take a while to find the Sirens. It's usually about luck. You could find one within a few seconds, or you could be running around for about 10 minutes until you find one.


After getting out of the Desert. You come to a puzzle where the ground is moving towards an object that crushes whatever gets pulled to it. Open the door on the wall. Inside will be a box. You'll need to drag the box out, and pull it to the opposite direction from where the ground is moving. Make sure when you're pulling the box, to keep it near the wall. When some enemies jump down to you, the box will start moving down towards the crushing object. So whenever some enemies jump down, push the box against the wall. The box won't be moved down and crushed. It will be held against one of the statues keeping it secure. When you kill all the enemies around you, start pulling the box further up, making sure you'll close to the wall ready to push the box there again. Once you've pushed the box as far as you can up. Jump on top of it, then jump up the wall. Be quick though, before another enemy gets to you and the box moves away.


After killing the Sirens, then after climbing Pandoras Temple. You cross the bridge and see a fire above in the top right of the area. To get there, run to the top left of the area, then down the path as far as you can. You'll see a wooden object on the wall. Hold R2 and pull it back as far as it can go. Now keep jumping up before the wall moves back in.


This is a really long puzzle that you come back to a few times. There is a path that runs around 360 degrees. The first thing you need to do is run around until you see a path with crushing objects slamming together. You need to run past each one at the right time before the spikes crush you. When you get past them, you'll see a savepoint. Kill the enemies at the back. Then pull the lever in the middle of the 2 semi-circle objects. You can pull the lever on the side of one of the objects to see what happens. The light will shine across. But you'll need to open the skull door. The crushing objects will now stop working. Run back through them all the way to the skull door ahead. Press R2 on the door and it will say "The door seems to be locked. There is a skull-shaped hollow in the door" Now turn around and pull the lever anti-clockwise until you get to the room with the red barrier. Talk to the God Artemis to aquire your new blade. Walk through and you'll be at a savepoint -Puzzle Later Continued-


After acquiring the Blade of Artemis from the God Artemis. You come to a savepoint. Then you come to a room full of enemies. The door will instantly lock as you enter. Kill all the enemies, including Medusas. Or run past them all. Before you get to actual puzzle, you need to climb onto a higher lever in the first room, and go down to get the Shield of Hades. When you get to the sliding door puzzle. You'll be attacked by a couple of medusa's and some other enemies. After killing them, go to the door at the back left of this room, and press R2 to put the shield on the door. In the middle of the room is a button on the ground. If you walk onto it, the slide door will turn 180 degrees. To get through the door, go out of the room and drag the box of spikes into the puzzle room. Drag the box as close as you can towards the slide door. Hold R2 + X on the back of the box, and kick the box to the button on the ground. You'll need to be fast enough to run to the slide door so you get pulled into the next room. Kill all the enemies and climb up the ladder. Walk across the obstacle and take the Shield of Zeus. Now jump down to the room just below, and put the shield on the door where you put the other shield. The door will open..


After acquiring the Shield of Hades and the Shield of Zues to unlock the door in the sliding door room. You come to a room where there's circular sharp objects spinning back and forward. To get out, you need to pull the lever furthest away from the door. Then the lever at the top left of the room. But you need to do it as fast as you can before the door locks itself from the first lever.


After getting out of the room with the circular spinning objects. You come to a statue of a man holding a ball. In front of it is a lever, it says the handle from the crank is missing. Go to the hall on the right of the screen, then up the stairs. Pull the lever at the top. Then go back down all the way to where the spinning objects are. At the far right of the screen is a room you can walk into. Smash the wall to get to the next room, then kill all the enemies. Climb up the ladder past the bats, and start climbing the wall. Climb across all the obstacles of monsters until you come to a lever with a chest next to it. Go into the room right next to it. You need to kill all the enemies as fast as you can. Then run to the top of the room and take the Handle of Artemis. Now go out of the room and pull the lever outside. Climb down the chain. Save it if you want. Now start going back to where the statue of the man with the ball is. When you get to the bit with the crushing objects, the floor will be moving backwards. So it's hard to run past the objects without getting crushed. It's best to use the right analog stick to roll forward. Go past the circular spinning objects, and back to the statue. Kill the enemies in the room, then use the handle on the crank. Turn the lever, then go to the room on the right and up the stairs where the other lever is. Kill all the enemies, then pull the lever. Jump down and pull the other lever again. Then go back up the stairs one last time and pull the lever to finish this puzzle.


After finding the handle for the crank in the room with the statue of the man holding a ball. You come to a coffin. Hold R2 and pull back. Then jump on top and tap R2 to pull the skull off the skeleton. You acquire "The Architect's Son's Head" Climb down the ladder next to the coffin. Run all the way through until you get back to the 2 semi-circle objects. You can save it here now if you want. Run through where the crushing objects where. Kill all the enemies, then go to the end where the skull door is. Press R2 to use the skull on the door. Walk through the skull door. Then run clockwise away from the object rolling towards you. Go up the stairs when you get there. Wait for the rolling object to come back around. Jump on top of it, and run at the right speed to keep on the object as it's rolling. You'll come to a ladder above you half way around. Jump on to it, and climb up to the savepoint -Puzzle Later Continued-


After walking across the wall at the edge of the temple. You come to a place where you see cages with enemies hanging from the air. Go all the way forward and up the hill, and press R2 on the strange door. It will say "Sacrifice to me to gain passage" Pick up the handle on the ground just near you. Go back to where the cages are, and press R2 on the lever to put the handle onto it. Then pull the lever to lower a cage. You'll need to push the cage back up towards the strange door. But the cage will slide down if you let go. So you can push it behind the rocks on the hill to keep it stable. Push the cage behind each rock after killing the enemies attacking you. Once you get to the top. Push the cage onto the big button near the door. Then pull the lever to give the sacrifice. It will give you passage through the door.


When you get the Trident that allows you to swim under water. You jump into the water and swim down where you'll see a ghost called Nyad. Keep swimming until you find a room with a big red glow through the middle of the whole room. Kill all the enemies and the glow will go away. Pull the lever, and it will open a wall. Now go back into the water and start swimming back. Swim back until you see a savepoint. If you don't see the savepoint, just keep swimming around until you do. Turn right at the saveoint and use the swim charge when you get down. To swim away from the object that comes crushing towards you. Swim down to the gaps in the ground to let the object go past. The use the swim charge again to get to the next gap in the ground. Then you'll be at the start of another puzzle.


After swimming under water. You'll come to an area with a savepoint and a statue up in the top of the area. If you pull the lever near the savepoint, some steps will come out of the water. Jump up them as fast as you can to get to the statue, you can only get two chests up there. To get out of the area. You will need to pull the lever and jump into the water. Then swim to the bottom of where the big steps are. At the bottom of one there's a secret room you can swim in to. It will take you out of the area.


After getting out of the water area with the big statues at the back. You find your way out of the puzzle and get back to the rings of pandora puzzle. You can save it here as well. Go through where the crushing objects are, kill the enemies. Then through the door strait ahead. Then around the side and up the ladder to where the water is. Swim down to the hole in the ground. Then swim through and you'll come to a lava area. Smash the small door on the right side of the room. And you'll come to a savepoint -Puzzle Later Continued-


After coming to the lava area. You come to some stairs. But you can't go through because of the dark. Jump up the stairs on the right of the room, and press R2 on the door. You'll need to accept the challenge to solve the puzzle. Some strange enemies that look like evil unicorns will come out through the dark. On the ground will be 2 blue circles. Kill the enemies inside the circle for the sacrifice. When one part of the door opens, go to the other blue circle and start killing the enemies inside that one. Once you've sacrificed enough, the door will open fully. Go through the door. You'll now be in an area with narrow halls full of weaker enemies. To finish the puzzle, just keep running around killing every enemy you see. When you get to the bit where a slamming object is going back and forward, you need to jump on top of it, then to the picture of Hades. It will say you need to kill everyone in the maze to leave. Just on top of the crushing object, look to the right side and you'll see a small room. Wait for the crushing object to pull back so you can jump down. Kill the 2 enemies. If the door doesn't open to let you out. Just go back and look for more enemies to kill until it opens. You'll be back in the lava room. Step onto the button on the ground just in front of you. It will raise a statue from the red water. Jump into the red water that’s around the statue. Swim down to the bottom. There's a little room inside the bottom of the statue. Pull the lever, and the eyes of the statue will shine. Swim back up. Climb the ladder to the statues head, and pull the lever towards the dark room. Now go to the room. There will be lots of fire balls rolling towards you. Run up dodging them until you get to a room. Read the book; Now you'll need to go out of the room. On the side of the each wall is several doors. You'll need to keep opening them until you find the right one to get out.


When you come to the puzzle with the blocks. And a necklace behind them blocking you with a cage. You’ll need to push the blocks over to the cage. You need to fit them all in the correct places. Use the rotater to rotate the blocks if you need to.

-Necklace of Hera-

-Push the block shaped like a l to the far left side of the cage. -Then rotate the one with the most edges. The block kind of shaped like a ? Rotate it so it fits perfectly to the right side of the cage next to the l shaped block. -Push the T shaped block right in the middle. -Push the small rectangle block under the left side of the T. -Push the r shaped block into the last remaining place.

Behind the wall you will acquire the Necklace of Hera. Go back to the 2 head statues and put the necklace on the Hera statue.

-The path to the Necklace of aphrodite-

Continueing from the last puzzle. Jump up the ladder to the right and climb the wall. Keep going until you get to a lever, then pull it. Continue climbing through the obstacles until you get to the slide rope. Don't jump to the slide rope. Instead, follow the path. You'll be at the right place where the 2 head statues are. Put the Hera Necklace on the head statue. Now you need to go all the way back to where the 2 bridges are (The ones with the levers where you need to jump from one to the other) Go past there until you get to the last savepoint. To thr right of the save point is a pile of rocks and a dead tree. Jump over them to get on the right path to the next necklace (Continued In The Next Puzzle)

[edit] SPIKED GROUND PUZZLE: (Aquiring the Necklace of Aphrodite)

When you get to the room where you have a certain amount of time to get out, before the spikes come out of the ground and kill you. You'll need to pull the lever, then pull the box out and jump behind it. Then hold R2 + X to kick the box towards the other room. You need to get the box into the other room. Then quickly jump onto the box, then up to the higher level of the room. But you need to be very fast. Up there you will acquire the Necklace of Aphrodite. Go back to where you put the Necklace of Hera onto the head statue. Put the Necklace of Aphrodite on to the other head statue just next to it.


After climbing through the Cliffs of Madness. You come to an area called The Architecs Tomb. There will be a savepoint at the beggining, then some circular razor objects spinning from side to side. You will need to hold down 3 buttons in the area to open the door. Go through to the right wooden door until you come to an area with a symbol on the ground that looks like a fork. Climb up the ladder strait ahead. Up there will be a crane. Turn the lever until the edge of the crane is above a circle patch on the ground. You will see the shadow on the ground from the box on the crane. Run to the end of the crane where the box is. Pull the lever and the box will drop through the circle patch. Now go back to the main part of the crane, and continue turning the lever towards a small square shaped metal button on the ground. It's about the same size as the box on the crane. Go to the edge of the crane again, and pull the lever to drop the box on the metal button. Now jump off the crane and go back to where the spinning razor objects are. Then jump down to where the box dropped, and kill the enemies. If you look to the right, you’ll see the hole in the ground from where you dropped the box through. Down there will be a button to open another part of the door. Run all the way to the left where the statue is. Drag the statue to the hole in the ground. Then place it on the button down there. Now you need to jump back past the spinning razor objects to where the savepoint is. You need to stand on the button next to the savepoint to open the final bit of the door. But to get through, you need to jump past the spinning razor objects as fast as you can, then through the door.

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