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Second only in eminence to his brother, Zeus, Poseidon is the ruler of the Seas. Carrying a trident with which he can shake and shatter whatever he pleases, Poseidon can bring the rage of the ocean down upon those who anger him.

Kratos acquires an attack in the game called Poseidon's Rage, which is a burst of energy that Kratos released outward towards his foes, allowing the player to rack up long combos. Furthermore, acquired by Kratos in God of War, Poseidon's Trident allows Kratos to breathe underwater indefinitely.

[edit] Story

Poseidon it first seen during God of War while Kratos is fighting the Hydra in the Aegean Sea, he helps Kratos by giving him the "first" magic ability of the game, Poseidon's Rage and he leaves Kratos with the task to kill the Hydra. During God of War: Ghost of Sparta Poseidon is seen speaking through a broken statue of himself to Kratos after Kratos returns to the sunken Atlantis (which was caused by Kratos) and tells him he will answer for this affront. In God of War: Divine Retribution Poseidon is seen in a flashback of Atlas, Poseidon fights with an unknown Titan until Atlas saves the Titan. In God of War III Poseidon is one of the first Bosses of the game stating that Atlantis will be avenged when he, Gaia and Kratos engage into battle. When Kratos gets him out of his shelter and wounds him enough so that he can't battle anymore he states that no matter how many Gods fall, there will always be another to stand against him. Kratos continues into brutally beating up Poseidon until twisting his neck and throwing him off of Mount Olympus and dumping him in the ocean beneath. The death of Poseidon lets the oceans swallow the land. Later when Kratos comea across his chambers, he finds a note that suggests that Poseidon wasn't infected by Pandora's Box as he found it strange that Zeus was acting so violent and fearful.

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