Persian King

[edit] Background

A fearsome opponent who wield the power of the Efreet.

The Persian King is the second boss fight of God of War: Chains of Olympus. He leads the assault on Attica, aided by the Basilisk. When Kratos encounter him, he finds him trying to intimidate two women who are hiding behind a barred gate. The Persian King is quite overweight and wears the persian colours, he also has a long braided beard and wields a huge curved scimitar. As Kratos descends into the room he is met by the king's laughter who tries to persuade Kratos to leave him by throwing a few coins at his feet. Kratos tells the king that the Olympians have a message and that Kratos is there to deliver it...

[edit] Boss Tips

The King really only has a few forms of attack. Firstly he will have his running slash in which he charges at Kratos and tries to swiper at him and the alternative to this attack is the stationary slash. His most powerful form of attack is his flame magic. When Kratos is within close proximity, the king will summon a fire spirit and then pounds on the ground unleashing a wave of fire. This can easily be dodged by rolling. All attacks made on the king should either be long ranged or aerial to ensure you dont get caught up in his magic attack. After the battle is over the King begs you to spare his life and offers his entire riches. In the short but brutal action sequencem Kratos grabs a chest of gold and hammers the king's head with it. From defeating the Persian king you will receive the magic spell: Efreet Magic.

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