Pandora's Temple

Pandora's Temple was built by Pathos Verdes III in order to store Pandora's Box, somewhere no mortal could ever reach it. In God of War, Kratos has to enter Pandora's Temple in order to retrieve the box - within it is the power to kill even a God. The Temple is chained to the back of the Titan Cronos, as punishment for his part in The Great War with the Gods of Olympus. The Pandora's Temple was the biggest architecture of it's time. The temple resides in the Desert Of Lost Souls. The temple was built on the back of the Titan Cronos. For one to even get to the temple, they must cross the Desert of Lost Souls and find and kill the Desert Sirens. The challenges in the temple somewhat represented Pathos Verdes himself as first the tasks were straight forward where as later on in the temple Pathos Verdes uses body parts of his own family members for the trials.

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