Pandora was the first made and put on earth, and most possibly the first female to exist. She was created by Hephaestus and once she was modeled, each god gave her gifts.

Pandora had the duty to look after Pandora's Box and to never look inside. But her curiosty over what was inside got to her and as she lifted the lid to take a peak all the evil from within the Box came into the world, only leaving Hope. Pandora was blamed for this.

[edit] Role in God of War III

Pandora was said to be the key to open Pandora's Box and was exactly what Kratos needed. When the time had come to open the box, Pandora sacrificed herself to put out the flame and allow Kratos to go and open the box.

Although her body was dead, her spirit lived on and helped guide Kratos on his journey.

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