There are many places you will find yourself in as you progress through God of War.


[edit] Aegean Sea

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this body of water is said to be named after an amazon princess that died in the sea. Here is where you start as Kratos, aboard a ship full of un dead demons brought upon you by Ares. A giant Hydra creatures awaits you at the bow of the ship before your arrival in Athens.

[edit] Athens

This giant city is the capital of Greece, and is named after the Goddess Athena. She watches over the city as Ares lays wreck to everything and everyone within its walls. Your goal is to make your way through the rubble and into the Temple of Oracles to find a way to defeat Ares. You travel on the streets, up the walls, into the sewers, and even upon the rooftops of the city in order to reach your goal.

[edit] Temple of the Oracle

Located within the city of Athens, this is the holy temple where you find the weapon that will help you defeat the all powerful Ares.

[edit] Desert of Lost Souls

Located after leaving Athens and on your way to Pandora;s Temple. This place is a whirlwind of a maze, and only the call of the sirens can lead you in the right direction. Defeating three of them opens up a new path for Kratos on his journey. Kill three of them to open up the path to the Temple.

[edit] Pandora's Temple

This mammoth enclosure was created by Pathos Verdes III, a loyal subject of the Gods. Here is where you find Pandora’s Box, an object capable of immense and incredible power. You must make your way through the challenges of Atlas, Poseidon, and Hades, and once you do, the ultimate prize awaits. This is easily the largest section of the game, and where you will spend more than half of your time playing.

[edit] The Cliffs of Madness

This is the location in which Kratos attempts to rid himself of the constant nightmares and fearful images constantly racing through his brain. We are opened to the game with Kratos plunging himself off the edge of these mountains, towards the rocky waters below.

[edit] The Path of Hades

After getting speared by Ares and having Pandoras Box taken away, Kratos dies and his soul falls into the Underworld. He manages to grab onto an earlier victim and onto a ridge. After fighting through hoards of creatures and reaching the highest point of Hades, a rope is tossed down from a rooting onlooker and you are brought back to life.

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