Last Spartan

The Last Spartan appears as a Boss in God of War: Divine Retribution.

[edit] Appearance in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

After Kratos becomes the God of War, he and his fellow Spartan Warrios take down the statues of Ares. when Kratos encounters him, he gives him the Arms of Sparta.

[edit] Appearance in God of War: Divine Retribution

He is first encountered when you return from the Underworld when [[Zeus has killed everyone in Rhodes. Kratos commands him to go and protect Sparta. At the Palace of the Fates you battle him (which is unknown to [[Kratos that it is him as he is cloaked in shadows). after you thrw him through a window Kratos recognizes him and asks him why he isn't protecting Sparta. He then tells the story of how Zeus attacked and destroyed Sparta leaving him as the Last Spartan. He then dies after putting his faith into his God. His body is used to aid in the fight against the Kraken.

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