Island of Creation

According to Greek Mythology, the Island of Creation is where all life began in this world. It is home to the Sister of Fate, the trio who are able to alter one's destiny.

[edit] Beginnings

When the universe first formed, the only thing that existed was Chaos, the original state of existence from which the first gods appeared. Soon came Nyx, goddess of the night, and together they created the world. This soon led to the Island of Creation being birthed, and from it, Gaia came to be. Uranas, god of the sky, would come along and help Gaia give birth to the rest of the Titans. These beings would rule the land until the Sisters of Fate arrived and proved too much of a match for the Titans.

[edit] Trouble

With the creation of more and more land at the hand of the Titans, the world started to become too crowded. Fearing that the Island of Creation would drift off into non-existance, the Sisters asked for and received the Steeds of Time, a group of horses that were a present from Cronos. They helped pull the island back in place so it would not fall off the edge of the world. Theseus, the Greek hero, would become the keeper of the horses and watched over the island entrance as a favor to Zeus.

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