[edit] Background

Icarus may appear feeble at first...

When Kratos approaches the Palace of Fate he realises he cannot cross. A huge gap divides where he is and the entrance to the gates to the palace. But as he is about to give up a man sprawls onto the bridge, Icarus who tells Kratos to go back. Icarus has tried for many years to cross the gap that seperated the platform and the palace gates. You can tell that he has lost his mind and is in a complete state of insanity as he tries to tell Kratos that no one other than him may cross, it's his "destiny". Kratos tells Icarus that he wants the Wings of Icarus but Icarus leaps up onto Kratos's back and the two fall from the platform into the abyss below.

[edit] Minigame

As Kratos and Icarus fall you have to try and beat Icarus into submission. This is done by pressing either the cross, circle or triangle button when overpowering Icarus in the sky. These actions will either be punches or the occasional headbutt. In between the fighting, Icarus will try and kill Kratos by climbing on his back and covering Kratos's face with his hand as they approach a mound of rocks. The player will be required to perform an action sequence in which they revolve the analog sticks indicated on screen. In doing so, Kratos will overpower Icarus and force him through a pile of rock. The battle keeps flowing until you reach a certain point in time. If you have survived up to this point you will tear the wings from Icarus and he will plummet into the Abyss. You are rewarded with the Wings of Icarus for your efforts.

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