[edit] Background

The Hydra is the first ever boss fight of the God of War series and possibly one of the best. Kratos is sent by Poseidon to kill the Hydra that is terroising the Aegean Sea. The Hydra is a mythilogical serpent that stalks the seas in search of ships. It then tries to destroy the ships and devour their crews. The Hydra has many heads and it is said that if you cut the head from a Hydra; two more will grow in its place. During his voyage on a vessel out in the Aegean Sea Kratos encounters many of the Hyrda's heads and during the end of the first mission manages to slay the beast.

[edit] Boss Tips

The first fight with the Hydra will occur when Kratos is walking through the lower deck of the ship. A Hydra head will slam through the deck and turn to attack Kratos. The only way to beat it is to attack it head on with all your strength. When the Hydra retaliates its attack has such a big range that its almost impossible to dodge so blocking is advised instead. After reducing the Hydra to minimal health a circle icon will appear above its head indicating the use of an action sequence. After the action sequence the head will flee. Progress through the level and another one of these battles will occur in which the same tactic is required apart from the Hydra has a few new moves including one in which the Hydra will try and eat Kratos. It grabs you in its mouth and you are required to bash the circle button to free yourself.
Second encounter with the Hydra

The last encounter with the Hydra is probably the best boss battle in the first game and requires thinking "out of the box." There are three Hyrdras that mount up on the top deck, two smaller ones and one huge mother Hydra. Your first instict is probably to crawl up the net to the outpost and start striking the bigger one but in doing so; you will get attacked by the smaller two. You must take them out first. Simply use some lethal combos to hammer them to the ground but you will notice that they will get up after a while with full health. The only way to keep them down is to deplete their health, jump on the crates to one side and onto the anchor-like platforms that suspend over their heads. Jumping on the platforms will make them fall down and skewer the Hydras in the head. Now that are both dead you can move on to the bigger one. Ascend the net up to the sail and the Hyrdra will start to attack. The main tactic here is to read its moves and predict where it will strike next. Occasionally it will sink its teeth into the sail post enabling you to hack away at its head. After getting the Hydra to low health you will be able to perform an action sequence in which you slam its face into the side of the post your in front of. However the Hydra's bar fills up again. Failure? No. I you look at the post you will begin to notice that it is splintered and if you keep using the same sequence the pole will become your weapon in defeating the Hydra. When the tip of the pole is sharp enough you will be able to perform one last action sequence in which Kratos drags the Hydra through the post which skewers it through the eye socket and ends its life.

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