[edit] Introduction

God of the Underworld

The underworld is hidden in the earth - a joyless place where the dead slowly fade into nothingness. It is the kingdom of the dead and ruled over by hades, brother of Zeus and god of the underworld. Hades is a greedy god who is greatly concerned with increasing his subjects.

In God of War II, Hades attempts to bring Kratos down into the depths of his lair in hopes of keeping the warrior for himself.

[edit] Appearance

As seen in a cutscene in God Of War II, Hades in the God of War franchise appears wearing a helmet, armour, and has spikes driven through his flesh over his whole body. He is seen with Zeus and several other Gods during the ending portions of God of War II, suggesting that he will make an appearance in God of War III as an enemy.

[edit] Story

Hades first appears after Kratos kill the Minotaur of Pandora's Temple and returns with the Head of the Architects son during God of War. Hades gives Kratos the final Magic for the game, Army of Hades to help him reach Pandora's Box. Hades then appears in God of War II during a flashback of Atlas. In this flashback, Hades fought Atlas and captured his soul with the Claws of Hades. Hades is ultimately the second Boss in God of War III after [[Kratos has been thrown into the Underworld. Hades kept teasing Kratos during his time in the Underworld until Kratos finally reaches his palace. Hades tells Kratos about all sins he has comitted against him: killing Poseidon and Athena but his biggest anger comes from Kratos killing his wife, Persephone during the events of God of War: Chains of Olympus. Kratos and Hades then ingage into combat in which Kratos brutally slices chunks of Hades until Hades is finally robbed of the Claws of Hades and cast into the river Styx in which he loses his helmet. a misfigured Hades rises from the river Styx and contunues his battle until Kratos uses the Claws of Hades to steal his soul and kill Hades so that he releases all the souls of the Underworld.

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