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These tips may be useful during your play in God of War:


[edit] Notes

  • If you see an object with a small flashing crystal attached to it. It means you can do something with it. Go up to it, and to the the bottom left of the screen it will say R2. If the R2 sign starts slightly bouncing once you press it, it means tap it as fast as you can (Usually to lift a rock door) Some times you'll only need to press it once.

[edit] Tips

Killing Medusa for Magic Orbs: Holding Circle next to Medusa to perform a mini-game attack, when you can. Will yield you magic orbs if you successfully decapitating her.

Destroying Magic Shields: To destroy magic shields, press "Square, Square, Triangle" to perform Plume of Prometheus on the enemy with the shield.

[edit] Enemy Attack Minigames

When you are attacking an enemy, after you've inflicted a certain amount of damage, you will see a circle appear above it's head. Press circle to start the attack. It involves using X, circle, square, triangle. And the left analog stick. If you fail to press the right buttons quick enough, the enemy will throw you off. You can start attacking the enemy again until the circle re-appers, then you can try the minigame again.

[edit] Attack Combinations

The secret to success in God Of War, especially at higher difficulty levels, is to learn how to chain together your combos. With experience, it is possible to eliminate a host of enemies in several fluid attacks, without ever taking a hit yourself. One important tip is to remember that Kratos can fight both on the ground and in the air - if you find yourself surrounded on the ground, trying pressing or holding triangle (there are various other options as well) in order to send you and your enemy into the air. Generally speaking, enemies are less proficient in the air than on the ground. NB: Be careful when attempting air attacks when facing Medusa's. If Kratos is turned to stone while in the air, he will simply smash when hitting the ground.

[edit] Chests

Green Orb Chest (Health Restore)
Blue Orb Chest (Magic Restore)
Red Orb Chest (Power up Blades & Magic)
Gorgon Eye Chest (Health Upgrade)
Phoenix Feather Chest (Magic Upgrade)

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