God of War II Bosses

Here are stratergies for all the bosses of God of War II.

[edit] Bosses


Colossus of Rhodes - The fight with this giant statue is the first boss battle in God of War II. It is brought to life by Zeus in an attempt to defeat Kratos. The fight begins with Kratos jumping onto the statue and inflicting damage to the surface, and finishes with Kratos destroying the giant from the inside as it crashes down to the ground.


Theseus - Theseus is a Greek hero that stands in the way of Kratos on his path to the Sisters of Fate. Kratos offers to spare his life in return for the key to the Steeds of Time, but Theseus refuses. During the battle you are assaulted by ice spears and minotaurs, but Kratos successfully defeats Theseus by impaling him against a wall and slamming a door into his head over and over again.

Bararian King

Barbarian King - The giant warrior is a blast from Kratos' past. He battled Kratos many years ago and nearly defeated him before Kratos got assistance from Ares, enabling him to defeat the Barbarian King as his entire army. Seeking revenge, he is granted the opportunity to fight Kratos once more from the Sisters of Fate. He wields a giant hammer and rides on a fiery horse. The battle is won by knocking the Barbarian off of his horse and smashing his head in with his own hammer.


Cerberus - This creature is a three headed dog, capable of breathing fire. You encounter it on your quest for the Golden Fleece, which you find out has been eaten by the Cerberus, along with Jason of the Argonauts. After playing a bit of cat and mouse, Kratos stabs the two outside heads and then reaches inside of the center one's mouth, ripping out the fleece, along with the creature's insides.


Euryale - Euryale is the sister of Medusa, who was slain in the first God of War by Kratos. She is pleased that Kratos was lured to her temple so Euryale could avenge her sisters death. A giant and intimidating figure, Euryale shoots a red beam from her mouth that freezes Kratos. After a challenging battle, Kratos severs Euryale's head and can then use it to stop his enemies in the rest of his adventure.


Perseus - Perseus is a Greek warrior that is on a quest to meet the Sisters of Fate, in hopes of saving the life of a loved one. After confronting Kratos, Perseus believes this the battle is a test before he is granted permission to see the Sisters. He wears a helmet that grants him invisibility, and he attacks Kratos with a sword and slingshot. Kratos weakens Perseus by first destroying his helmet and then breaking the sword, leaving him almost defenseless. Afterwards, Kratos smashes Perseus' head against a wall and throws him into a hook, killing the gutsy warrior.

The Kraken

Kraken - The Kraken is a giant serpent-like creature that appears after Kratos fights off a former Spartan warrior. It is at this point that Kratos begins to give up, believing he cannot rid himself of his torment. As the Kraken begins to strike, Kratos is reminded by Gaia that unless he fights through this and confronts Zeus, he will tormented forever. After sheding himself of his doubts and engaging the Kraken, Kratos cuts off the creatures tenticles and then operates a lever, sending a bridge straight through the creature's head, killing it.

Sisters of Fate

Sisters of Fate - The Sisters are the one who hold Kratos' fate in their hands, and in order to extract revenge against Zeus, Kratos must use the Loom to go back in time. The three sisters are the ones protecting it, fearing Kratos will bring nothing but disaster upon the world. Lakhesis is the first sister to appear, floating high above using melee attacks. The second sister Atropos intervenes, attempting to destroy Kratos in the past during his battle with Ares. Both fail and are eventually trapped within a mirror as Kratos shatters it with them inside. The last sister, Clotho, is a giant creature of unimaginable size. Kratos must ascend a few levels to reach her, destroying body parts on the one. Once at the top, he uses a giant swinging blade to kill her. Once Clotho is destroyed, Kratos is able to confront Zeus once again.


Zeus - After returning to the moment just before Zeus kills him using the Blade of Olympus, Kratos and Zeus engage in a lengthy battle high above Sparta. Zeus using melee attacks and lightning bolts to try and thwart Kratos. Eventually, Zeus is tricked by Kratos, who feigns defeat against the God. Launching a surprise assault, Kratos is able to pin Zeus and nearly kills him with the Blade of Olympus before Athena interupts. As Zeus flees, Kratos attempts to use the blade once more but ends up accidently killing Athena as she steps in the way.

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