God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost Of Sparta is the sixth instalment of the God Of War series, and is the second game available for the PSP. It features the traditional third person game play featured throughout the series. It was developed by both Ready At Dawn and the Santa Monica Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game is also featured in the God Of War: Origins Collection on PS3.

[edit] Plot

The game is set in Ancient Greece, where Kratos, now the God Of War, is haunted by visions of his past, and set's out to explore his origins. Kratos travels towards the Temple Of Poseidon, only to have his ship destroyed by Scylla, which Kratos inevitably kill's. Whilst in Atlantis, Kratos finds his mother, Callisto, who turn's into a beat, which Kratos is then forced to kill, and returns to her normal form. In her last few minutes, Caliisto beg's Kratos to seek out his brother, Deimos, who is still alive in Sparta. Before leaving Atlantis, Kratos comes to the aid of Thera, a titan, and free's her from her trapped state. He does this by stabbing Thera's chest, and obtains the power of Thera's Bane, this also set's Thera free, which causes the volcano to erupt. After this eruption, the fate of Thera is never actually made clear whether she survives or not, but subsequently destroys Atlantis. Afterwards, Kratos has an encounter with the Grave Digger, who warns Kratos about alienating the gods. After his destruction of Atlantis, he is chased by Erinys, and finally encounters each other at the Aroania Pass. Kratos soon after encounters the spirit of his child self inn The Temple Of Ares, and there he learns that he must return to the now-sunken city of Atlantis, to get to the Domain Of Death. Beforehand, he is given the Arms Of Sparta, weapons that he formerly used in his days as the Captain of the Spartan army. After searching through the Domain of Death, Kratos eventually comes by his brother Deimos, and free's him. Deimos attacks Kratos in a blind rage, stating that he is angry that Kratos did not come to rescue him earlier. Thanatos, the God Of Death, intervenes, and takes Deimos to the Suicide Bluffs, where Kratos had previously attempted suicide in the first game, but Kratos is fast enough to save him. Deimos then helps Kratos fight Thanatos, but results in Thanatos killing Deimos, before Kratos kill's Thanatos. Kratos places Deimos in his grace, leaving his Arms of Sparta as a grave marker, and the Grave Digger encounters Kratos again, and tell's him that Kratos has become "the Destroyer of Worlds". Athena begs Kratos for forgiveness, for not warning Kratos, but Kratos simply states that "the gods will pay for this". After the credits, it is shown that the Grave Digger places Callisto into a grave by Deimos, and states that "..only one remains", followed by Kratos sitting on his throne.

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