God of War


God of War
God of War
Developer: SCEA
Publisher: SCEA
Release date:
  • North America - March 22, 2005
  • Europe - July 8, 2005
  • Australia - June 23, 2005
  • Japan - November 17, 2005
Genre: Adventure
Game modes: Single-Player
ESRB rating: Mature (M)
Platform(s): PS2
Media: N/A

[edit] Plot Summary

At the beginning of the game, Kratos is seen standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a rocks and splashing water below in Greece. He is distraught over the Gods decision to abandon him, so Kratos throws himself off of the cliff towards his death. It is at this time that the game flashes back to reveal the hectic events of weeks past and Kratos' anguish-filled history that led him to committing suicide.

Many years ago, Kratos was a captain of a Spartan army. They were very formidable, but a battle came where he and his men were far outnumbered. As his men got slaughtered and Kratos faced his death at the hands of a ruthless Barbarian, Kratos made a plea to Ares, the God of War, to save him. He did, by killing off the dangerous opposition, and in return, Kratos became a servant to Ares. He was granted great power and the Blades of Chaos, two chain blades attached to his arms as a reminder of his servitude. Kratos was ordered by Ares to travel through Greece, destroying anyone and anything in his path.

Kratos and his men continue on to ravage and destroy manages villages, including their inhabitants. Once arriving at a certain village, Kratos breaks into a Temple (against the Oracle's wishes) and kills all of the villagers within. After he is done slaughtering them, it is revealed that the last two people he killed were his wife and daughter. After this tumultuous event, the Oracle claims his families ashes will forever be fastened to his skin, as Kratos' body changes color to a ghostly white, as he gains the name "Ghost of Sparta". Realizing what he has done, Kratos swears off Ares and begins his quest to seek redemption at the hands of the Gods. He wishes for revenge against Ares and to forget the terrible sin he has committed.

The game moves ahead as Kratos is now aboard a ship in Aegean Sea, on his way towards Athens. He is asked by Poseidon to kill the Hydra, a giant creature that dwells in the Sea. Once defeating him and landing at the port, Ares is told by the Goddess Athena that Ares is planning to take over Athens by amassing a giant army. She requests Kratos' aid in defeating Ares, promising him that the nightmares that haunt his mind will be forever extinguished if he proves successful.

Kratos heads off to the Temple of the Oracle, where he is told he can find knowledge on how to defeat Ares. While on his way, Kratos runs into an odd gravedigger who reveals some interesting knowledge into Kratos' past. After arriving at the temple, it is revealed that in order to defeat Ares, Kratos must obtain Pandora's Box, an artifact that grants any mortal the power necessary to defeat a God. It is located inside the Temple of Pandora, which is a building strapped onto the back of the titan Cronos, a creature that was forced to wander to desert by Zeus himself.

Traveling through the desert is a long and arduous journey, but once inside the temple, Kratos battles his way through hoards of enemies and many traps contain within until he finally secures Pandora's Box. As he is dragging it out of the temple, Kratos is struck by a sharp piece of rock, impaling him against the wall. It was thrown across the desert by Ares who sensed that the Spartan warrior was close to success.

Facing death, Kratos is now in the Underworld, falling towards his final resting place in the Styx river. He is able to grab onto a ledge to save himself, and then must travel through the Underworld. Kratos is able to escape back to the living world (with the help of the previously mentioned gravedigger) and soon arrives in Athens to confront Ares. The God of War is preparing a strike against both the city and the Gods themselves. Kratos, using a lightning attack that he gained earlier in his adventure, is able to secure Pandora's Box away from Ares. Once opening it, Kratos grows to the size of Ares himself. A fight ensues in which

Kratos preparing to fight Ares.
Kratos seems to be gaining the upperhand, and, realizing his bleak future, Ares uses his God like powers to send Kratos into another dimension. Once arriving, Kratos is forced to battle copycats of himself as his family is murdered over and over again in recurring fashion right before him. Once defeating all of the replicas, Ares is shown killing Kratos' family with his own Blades of Chaos.

Once returning back to the real world and his battle with Ares, Kratos discovers the Blade of the Gods, a giant sword that is used as a walkway high above the water in Athens. It is a very powerful weapon, and gives Kratos great power. The fight with Ares continues, and eventually, Kratos impales Ares with the sword as the God pleads for the young warrior to stop. Once defeated, Kratos is thanked by Athena for his duties, but says that his haunting visions cannot be taken away. It is at this time that we are taken back to the beginning of the game, with Kratos standing at the cliff's edge, angered over the lack of help he has received from the Gods. He then throws himself off of the cliff, hoping to end his life once and for all. However, he is saved by Athena, who cant let Kratos kill himself after everything he has done for the Gods. For this reason, she offers Kratos the now vacant title of God of War.

[edit] Features

  • God of War introduces a brutal slice of life set in the mythological Greek era. Players can live according to their own nature. Even if it is by brute force.
  • Defining the next evolution in gaming, God of War presents an explosive gameplay mix: raw melee combat fused with traps, stunts and story driven puzzles.
  • Huge collection of moves: players can swing on ropes, scale mountain cliffs, swim through rivers, slide down zip lines.
  • God of War delivers an extensive combat system based on uniquely linking combos for a myriad of fighting moves. Take the combat in air, take out a number of enemies at once, and utilize "context sensitive moves" moves that in particular situations, allow you to grab, kick or throw an enemy.
  • Kratos' main weapons are two blades one attached to each arm by a long chain that wraps around his arm. This allows for both short-range and long-range attacks.

[edit] Bosses


Hydra - The first boss you encounter in the game, and one of the more entertaining and fun battles in the series. The Hydra is a fierce serpent like creature that has many regenerate heads. It latches onto your ship as you make your way to Athens, and Poseidon asks you to cleanse his waters of the creature. The battle is won by driving a stake through the creatures main head.


Medusa - Medusa is a sea nymph, and is one of the three Gorgon sisters. Medusa was turned into a frightening creature with snakes for hair and a deadly gaze that could turn anyone to stone. This occurred after Athena caught her and Poseidon together. In the game, you encounter Medusa in the city of Athens after Aphrodite requests her defeat. The battle is rather easy, and you earn victory by ripping Medusa's head from her body.

Armored Minotaur

Armored Minotaur - According to Greek Mythology, the Minotaur is the offspring of King Mino's wife, and a white bull. It appeared with the upper body of a man, but the legs and lower body of a bull. In God of War, these creatures appear as giant bulls that stand on their hind legs while carrying axes as their weapons. This particular Minotaur is covered in plates of armor, and stands nearly five stories tall. He is encountered in the Temple of the Oracle and can only be defeated by launching a giant, flaming bolt into the creature's abdomen, pinning him to a door.


Ares - Ares is the powerful son of Zeus and Hera, and is known as the Greek God of War. He is the main antagonist in the first game, as Kratos seeks revenge on Ares for pushing him towards murdering his wife and daughter. You encounter Ares outside the Temple of the Oracles, and you fight two separate forms of the God. Once defeating Ares, Athena grants Kratos the newly vacant title of God of War.

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