The Titan Gaia

[edit] Background

When Kratos was betrayed and struck down by the king of the Gods, Zeus, he was claimed by Hades and dragged slowly into the pits of the underworld. It was Gaia who came to Kratos at this time and informed him of the Sisters of Fate. She came to him in a vision set out in a dark abyss in which she came from the shadow. Her appearance is similar to that of any other Titan but she is the titan of nature and is therefore made from living organisms such as wood and plants. She was also banished like the other titans during the great war and now stands against Zeus, whom she had onced fufilled a favour for... In the time when Cronos stood at the throne of Olympus he tried to ensure that he would forever be king of the Gods and so with every birth of a child he would take it from the mother and kill it. But on one occasion the mother passed on the child to Gaia and when Kronos came for the child the mother offered the titan a similar sized stone clothed in silk. Kronos unaware, took the stone and swallow it thinking it was yet another child. Gaia tended for Zeus and saw him grow into a powerful God. Zeus then fled her protection to kill Kronos. Gaia at first, assisted Kratos but she eventually betrayed him at the time he was planning to attack Zeus. She died once Kratos stabbed her heart.

[edit] Trivia

At the end of God of War II, Kratos is seen mounted on the back of Gaia as they ascend to Olympus.

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