Yet another Gorgon for Kratos to slay.

[edit] Background

A Gorgon Kratos encounters on his pursuit for the Sister of Fate. Kratos finds her in the temple of Euryale and she tries to kill him. She is much bigger than any other Gorgon in the series but still has the faded green skin tone and the serpents extending from her head like hair. She is also completely naked that adds to her grotesque appearance.

[edit] Boss Tips

The boss fight against Euryale is quite good but if you hate facing the normal Gorgons then this battle might not be your cup of tea. To start with Euryale has two main attacks; swinging her enormous tail at you or using her gaze to stone you. You should by now know the precedire of when you get turned to stone, squickly flick away at your analog sticks to break out before she can deliver a fatal blow to you. Another tip is to also not jump when she tries to freeze you, if you are frozen in mid air, when you fall you will shatter and die instantly so remain on the ground and trying to block, reflect or dodge attack. After dealing a healthy amount of damage to her she will coil around a pillar. Keep attacking her and the circle icon will appear above her head which will allow you to drag down the pillar. She will do this to the next pillar as well but when you destroy this one too you will be forced to fight her face to face. Keep using the same tactics of dodging and reflect (reflecting her gaze gains you blue orbs which are crucial if you rely on spells) and she will eventually weaken, leaving her open to an action sequence. [[Kratos will thrust his blades into her body and crawl up on her back. After doing so he will pull on her head (using the analog sticks similar to when you fight regular Gorgons). Then Kratos will use the Blades of Athena to decapitate Euryale. Kratos jumps off of her slithering body and holds the Head of Euyale in his hand.

[edit] Trivia

Euryale claims to be the sister of Medusa.

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