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[edit] Legionnaire

These creatures are the most common enemy in the game. They are undead soliders under the command of Ares, and will usually attack you in larger groups. You can also encounter them at long distances, where these monsters will fire arrows at you from ledges. When encountering a group of them, be sure to use one of your combo attacks to hit them all at once. Otherwise, they fall pretty easily when fought one-on-one by using the circle button and then one of your “kill” attacks.

[edit] Harpies

According to Greek Mythology, Harpies are creatures with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. They are the main aerial enemies in the game, and use a “dive bomb” attack that can be quite a nuisance. The quickest way to defeat one is to use the circle button and pull them to the ground, resulting in an instant kill, although you will not receive any experience. Otherwise, just attack them with your normal combos.

[edit] Minotaur

These mammoth beasts are half man and half bull. They appear throughout the game and can be quite troublesome when encountered with a group of enemies. Using Maduza’s Gaze is a quick way to defeat them, but you can also pelt them with your square attack while dodging their hammer attacks. Sometimes a “O” will appear over their head, and when pressed, you have the opportunity to cut their head completely off.

[edit] Cyclops

The Cyclops are gigantic, one-eyed beasts that are faster and stronger than the Minotaur. They were used to help build Mount Olympus. Keep your distance and use quick attacks while dodging their overpowering assaults. Just like the Minotaur, a button may appear above this creatures head, and when pressed, an instant kill will occur, resulting in much needed experience.

[edit] Gorgon

These creatures were once beautiful women but were transformed by Athena into hideous creatures with snakes for hair and a large tail. They are very fast in the game, and can turn you to stone if you are caught in their stare. Use quick attacks and blocking to keep them at a distance, and once an “O” appears above their head, press the circle button and execute the commands correctly to kill them instantly.

[edit] Wraith

These creatures are souls of allen soldiers, and are used by Ares to slow you down in your quest. Wraiths are one of the most annoying enemies in the game, due to their ability to burrow themselves underground and attack from any spot. When attacked by a group of them, use a magic attack that targets an entire group. Also, launch them into the air for an aerial assault when they come up from the ground.

[edit] Siren

In Greek Mythology, Sirens were sent to the Desert of Lost Souls to lure unknowing victims to their death at Pandora’s Box. You only fight three of these creatures, but they can be annoying. Just keep using quick attacks on them and block when they attempt an assault on you. Eventually, a button command will appear above their head, and when pressed, you will snap their neck, releasing the creatures soul.

[edit] Cereberus

These large creatures are essentially a three headed dog, but they are lightning quick and agile, plus feature a razor-sharp tail. They are able to spit fireballs at you and can trap you at any moment, where a combination of buttons will be needed to escape. You encounter them in Pandora’s Box and your best bet would be to use quick attacks while getting combos in when fighting one-on-one. When near death, you are given the chance to grab the creatures and then impale them. The Cerberus are also capable of spitting up minature versions of themselves, except with only one head. These “babies” can be grabbed and thrown to the ground, and will die easily if attacked enough. They grow into full adults over a period of time though, so kill them quickly.

[edit] Centaurs

Centaurs are half horse, half human monsters, and use double edged scyths as their weapon. They usually attack in groups and are capable of sending shockwaves at you through the ground. Using your charge attack while blocking is a good way to keep them off-balance, and other than that, quick attacks are a good idea so you stay out of harms way. Eventually, a button command will appear above their head, giving you an opportunity for an instant kill.

[edit] Satyrs

This is another creature that is a mix between human and beast, although their exact distinction is unknown. These are probably the most dangerous enemies in the game, and will appear near the end. They are capable of doing flips and evading your attacks, and will block most of your combos by using their weapon as a shield. Your best bet is to get in close and engage them by pressing the circle button, which will get you in a “Battle of Strength” where you will be able to inflict massive damage if successful.

[edit] Kratos Clones

You encounter these beings at the very end of the game, and although they appear to be exactly like you, they are not nearly as powerful. They WILL attack in large numbers, so using combo attacks and magic that assault a large group of enemies is smart when fighting them. Also, the Blades of Chaos come in handy due to their increased strength.

[edit] Hydra

According to Greek Mythology, Hydra is a giant serpent, like beast that contains multiple heads. You first encounter the creature while on the ship headed for Athens. There are two heads that you must fight before the main one. The best strategy is to do quick combo attacks and use Poseidon’s Rage whenever possible. The heads regain their health quickly though, so keep up on the attack. Eventually the heads will fall over on the ship, and this is when you climb the boxes located next to the creatures and jump on the platform to trap the heads.

Once killing both of the minature heads, you climb the ladder to the main head. The battle is pretty simple, just roll away from its scream and roll to the side when it attempts to bite you. When the creature lunges at you, use Poseidon’s Rage to shock it and get in a combo with the square button. The Blades of Chaos are useful here. Eventually you will be prompted with buttons to press once its health is low enough.

[edit] Medusa

Medusa is a giant female creature that has a loud scream to go along with her sharp claws and snake-like hair. The battle with her is fairly simple. The most important aspect is to avoid the beam that she shoots at you, capable of turning you to stone. She doesn’t have any attacks that do much damage, so just use combos and Poseidon’s Rage to take her down. If you succeed, you’ll receive Medusa’s Gaze as a reward.

[edit] Minotaur

The Minotaur is a giant beast, which is half man-half bull. You encounter it while searching through Pandora’s Temple, and it is probably the most entertaining boss battle in the game. The key to this fight is to stay up on the ledge in the back and use your combo attacks on the creature when it gets near. Your favorite maneuver will be the Falling Helios. Its armor will start to crack and when he falls back to the ground, use the L3 button to initiate a damaging attack. The Minotaur doesn’t have very damaging attacks, but when he uses his hand and smashed the ground, be sure to jump and avoid the shockwaves. Eventually you will be able to fire off the spear into the Minotaur, pinning him against the giant door in the back.

[edit] Ares

Ares, the son of Zeus, is the God of War, and the main antagonist in the game. He is attempting to destroy Athens and tries to use Kratos to aid in his conquest. This first battle with Ares isn’t too bad, just make sure you have Army of Hades and Poseidon’s Rage maxed out. He has about five different attacks that he will use, but once you understand how they affect you and ways to dodge each one, the patterns are easier to figure out. He gives out plenty of blue orbs too, so don’t worry about getting too low on Magic.

The second battle against Ares is much tougher. You no longer have any of your weapons or magic. You use only one sword, which is limited to four or so different attacks. The key to this second battle is to block A LOT, and counter when given the opportunity. Ares has a few more attacks, but still carries over some from the previous encounter. Use your L1-R1 buttons to strengthen your sword as it will prove to be your greatest savior. Once defeating Ares, the game is completed.

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