Deimos in his battle against Kratos


[edit] Early Years

Deimos has spend his childhood years like every other child in Sparta, training with the goal of becoming a Spartan Warrior. He has spend much of his time training with his older brother Kratos. during one of their training sessions, their training was interupted by Athena and Ares. Deimos was kidnapped that day because of his special birthmark of which the oracle had fortold that the warrior with the mark would mean the end of Olympus and the Olympian Gods. After beign brought to Thanatos in Death's Domain, Thanatos has tortured Deimos for years and all hope that his brother Kratos would save him slowly turned into wanting revenge for not saving him, while Kratos got Deimos's birthmark as a tatoo as s sign of respect against his brother whom he believed was dead until the events of God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

[edit] Appearance in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

When Kratos finally finds his brother, he finds an insane remnant of his childhood self. Having been freed he makes known to Kratos that he never forget and the he will never forgive and starts his battle with Kratos. Kratos not wanting to kill his brother gets defeated by Deimos but when Deimos tries to finish it he is interupted by Thanatos who takes him to the Suicide Bluffs. Thanatos tries to throw him from the bluffs but Kratos saves him. Kratos gives his brother the Arms of Sparta and Deimos finally forgives his brother for not rescueing him. Both enter the fight against Thanatos and get the upperhand until Kratos is grabbed by the Dragon Form of Thanatos. Deimos tries to rescue Kratos and gets killed in the process. After Kratos kills Thanatos he takes the body of Deimos to the top of the bluffs and finds the Gravekeeper whom has made a grave for him. Kratos puts Deimos in the grave and states that Deimos is finally free.

[edit] Appearance in God of War III

When Kratos enters the Palace of Hades he finds a note that states that he still wants revenge against Kratos and asks Hades to get it. Deimos is also a playable form of Kratos in the game.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

During his fight with Kratos he controlled a metallic arm which he used to beat up Kratos, next to that he has fighting skills equal to Kratos. During his battle with Thanatos he had the Arms of Sparta which he used as a weapon since his metallic arm broke when he fought Kratos.

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