Cronos, the fallen Titan


[edit] Background

The Titans were banished to Tartarus to endure great suffering for eternity including Cronos however in hopes magic in the Steeds of Time. Cronos was punished by Zeus mercilessly by forcing him to wander the Desert of Lost Souls with Pandora's Temple chained to his back until death. hga

[edit] Role In God Of War

In God of War Cronos would be called upon to allow warriors to face the many dangers which lurked in the Pandora's Temple when the Titan Horn would be blown. The warrior who would live even after facing all the tests would be rewarded with the Pandora's Box, Kratos, The Ghost Of Sparta was the first mortal responsible for completing all the challenges which resided within the temple and retrieving the Pandora's Box. Cronus however was still doomed to wander the Desert of Lost Souls until his death.

[edit] Role In God Of War II

In God of War II: Divine Retribution Kratos also discovered the magic of Cronus which was hidden in The Steeds Of Time. The magic called Cronos' Rage gave Kratos the power to electrify his enemies. Kratos used Cronos' Rage to fight Zeus. Other than that not much is said about Cronos except than the fact that Cronos killed his own father.

[edit] Role In God Of War III

In God of War III, you learn that Zeus banishes Cronos to the pits of Tartarus, after Pandora's Box has been taken from the temple by Kratos.

When Kratos descends into Tartarus he comes across Gaia's hand and Cronos picks it up starting a battle between [[Kratos and Cronos in which Kratos is eventually swallowed to get the Omphalos Stone. After Kratos gets what he wants he sices open Cronos's guts with the Blade of Olympus and eventually stabbing it into the head of Cronos putting an end to his grandfather.

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