Blades of Chaos


[edit] Background

The origins of Kratos blades are explained in God of War, the first game from the series released on PS2. Kratos, having offered his soul to Ares in exchange for victory in battle, has the Blades Of Chaos seared into his flesh as a permanent reminder of his servitude to Ares.

[edit] Appearances

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos' main weapons in all of the God of War games, so they appear in all three games as his primary weapon. In God Of War II and the end of God Of War I, the Blades Of Chaos are replaced by the Blades Of Athena. While they both function alike, there are aesthetic differences in the colour and gleam of the blades.

[edit] Upgrades

Level 1 - Basic

(Next Upgrade, Level 2: Rage of the Gods, Greater Damage, New Attacks. Requires 1500 Red Orbs

Level 2 - New Moves!

- Apollo's Ascension: L1+X
- Apollo's Offensive (Air): L1+X
- Hermes Rush: R1
- Hermes Stomp (Air): R1
- (New Ability) Rage of the Gods: L3+R3

(Next Upgrade: Level 3: Greater Damage, New attacks. Requires 2250 Red Orbs

Level 3 - New Moves!

- Cyclone Of Chaos: L1 + Square
- Cylone Of Chaos (Air): L1 + Square
- Spirit Of Hercules: Triangle + Triangle + Triangle
- Valor Of Hercules: Triangle + Triangle + Square
- Hades Revenge: 'Square' or 'Triangle' or 'R1' While in Hades Reverse (Parry) Pose.

(Next Upgrade: Level 4: Greater Damage, New Attacks. Requires 3750 Red Orbs)

Level 4 - New Moves!

- Rising Helios: L1 + Triangle
- Falling Helios (Air): L1 +Triangle
- Hermes Fury: R1 + R1 + R1
- Achilles Flip: Right Analog Stick + X

(Next Upgrade: Level 5: Greater Damage, New Attacks. Requires 9000 Red Orbs)

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