Blade of Olympus

The powerful Blade of Olympus

"A weapon forged from the Heavens and the Earth...the Blade of Olympus" - Atlas

The Blade of Olympus is a sword created by Zeus, forged of the Heavens and the Earth. It's primary use was to end the Great Titan War once and for all by banishing the Titans to Tartarus.

Kratos first uses the Blade Of Olympus in Rhodes when Zeus sends it down so that Kratos could destroy the Colossus of Rhodes. However, the Blade Of Olympus drained all of Kratos' godly powers without Kratos being able to stop it. When the Colossus Of Rhodes fell, it's hand crashes down onto Kratos, and knocking the Blade Of Olympus out of his grasp. Suddenly, Zeus appeared and picked up the blade. Kratos realized what Zeus had done, but was powerless to stop him. Later on, Kratos regains the blade and defies his fate by going back in time to kill Zeus. Kratos nearly kills Zeus however Athena interferes and Kratos accidently ends up killing her instead of Zeus.

After completing the game, players can begin a new adventure on "Bonus Play" and they will have control of the Blade of Olympus from the beginning, allowing the opportunity for increased strength and powerups with the weapon.

[edit] Upgrades

Level 1 (Basic)

  • Divine Absolution: L1 + square
  • Divine Retribution: L1 + triangle
  • Divine Retribution (Air): L1

Level 2 (Requires 9,000 Orbs)

  • Divine Sacrifice: L1 + circle

Level 3 (Requires 25,000 Orbs)

  • Anger of the Gods: Square or Triangle

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