Barbarian King

The mighty Barbarian King sitting attop his horse.

[edit] Background

The Barbarian King was leader of the Barbarian army. He was a giant and intimidating figure, and kept rule over his subordinates and enemies with the help of his War Hammer. During a period of movement by the Barbarians towards Sparta, Kratos was ordered by the Spartans to group his army and stop their advances. Once engaged, the two sides fought violently and relentlessly. The Barbarians gained the upper hand though, and after overpowering Kratos, the Barbarian King was about to strike the final blow until Kratos called out to Ares for assistance. At this point, Ares granted Kratos the use of the Blades of Chaos, and he used the weapons to slice off the head of the Barbarian King.

[edit] Rebirth in God of War

In God of War II, the Barbarian King makes his reappearance. He has somehow escaped from he Underworld while bringing with him increased strength and power. He drags Kratos to their battlefield with the help of a firy horse that he rides upon. A scar his evident on his neck from where Kratos severed his head, and the King swears revenge on him. After being weakened, the Barbarian King grows to a substantial size and his attacks become more deadly, but Kratos is able to sustain until he grabs onto the Barbarian's hammer and uses it to smash his head in against the ground.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

The Barbarian King's best attribute is his great strength. Due to his size, he is able to deal out a great deal of pain through both physical attacks and using his War Hammer. He also carries a Bow on his back, but he does not use it too often. After returning from the dead, he is also able to summon undead souls to battle his enemies.

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