Barbarian Hammer

Kratos after acquiring the Barbarian Hammer.

[edit] Background

The Barbarian Hammer is a giant, spiked weapon obtained after defeating the Barbarian King. It is useful in situations where Kratos is up against a group of enemies as the Hammer is capable of knocking enemies off of their feet in one blow.

[edit] Upgrades

Level 1 (Basic)

  • Crushing Defeat: L1 + square
  • Might of the King: L1 + triangle
  • Might of the King (Air): L1 + triangle

Level 2 (Requires 4,500 Orbs)

  • Soul Summon: Flick Right Analog Stick

Level 3 (Requires 15,500 Orbs)

  • Legion of Souls: L1 + circle

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