God of War controls

The controls in God of War are often praised as one of the game's strongest aspects, due to their ease of use yet infinite scope for smooth, brutal combinations and masterful attacks. This is a guide to the controls in "God of War":


[edit] General Controls

Left Analog Stick: Run Around

Right Analog Stick: Fast Dodge (Evade)

Square: Light Attack

Triangle: Heavy Attack
Triangle: Hold to launch an enemy into the air, then to jump up.

Circle: Grab an enemy, then tap square for Attack Special 1
Circle: Grab an enemy, then press circle for Attack Special 2
Circle: Grab an enemy, then press triangle for Attack Special 3

L1: Block

[edit] Climbing

(walk or jump onto an object or wall that you can climb)

Left Analog Stick: Move

Left Analog Stick + Up: Quick Jump Up

Left Analog Stick + Back + X, X: Double Back Jump.

Left Analog Stick + Left/Right: Quick Jump Left/Right

Left Analog Stick + Left/Right + X: Jump to another wall.

Square: Light Jab.

Triangle: Long Strike

Circle: Grab Attack Enemy (Wall Grab)

[edit] Rope Crossing

(Jump to the Rope to grab hold of it)

Moving Across: Left/Right

Quick jab: Square

Long Swipe: Triangle

Ropre Gran: Circle

[edit] Hanging Ropes

(Jump to the Rope to grab hold of it)

Facing Left/Right: Press Left/Right to face either way.

Swingling: Hold Circle to swing faster

Jumping off: X

Move up/Down: Hold Up/Down

[edit] Firing Objects

Push (Side): R2 + Left Analog

Fire (Back): R2 + Back

[edit] Boxes

Push: R2

Kick: R2 + X (Hold)

[edit] Swimming

Swim Strait: Left Analog Stick
Swim DownSquare
Swim Up: X
Swim Charge: R1

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