God of War III

God of War III
E3 2008 Logo
Developer: SCEA
Publisher: SCEA
Release date:
  • North America -TBA
  • Europe - TBA
Genre: Adventure
Game modes: Single-Player
ESRB rating: N/A
Platform(s): PS3
Media: Blu-ray Disc


[edit] Background

God Of War III was first announced to be in development shortly after the release of God of War II, and has been confirmed to support full 1080p high-definition graphics and make use of the Playstation 3's Sixaxis and Vibration functions.

[edit] Story

As confirmed by a trailer at E3 2008, God Of War III will pick up where God Of War II ended, and is expected to be the final game in Kratos saga. David Jaffe, creator of the series, has stated that the aim of the series is to ultimately explain why there are no more Greek myths.
Kratos returns for the final time in his last battle against the Gods.

[edit] E3 2008

God Of War III made it's first public appearance in a teaser trailer at E3 2008. The trailer featured no gameplay and was possibly pre-rendered, but it did confirm the games storyline and give an indicator as to the level of graphical quality we can expect in the final product.

[edit] SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2008

God Of War III made it's first gameplay-trailer debut at this event on December 14th 2008. There was some controversy regarding the low graphical quality of the product on show in light of earlier comments made by David Jaffe, but it was soon clarified that the video shown to Jaffe was different to that shown at the VGAs, and that the graphics shown in the trailer were not an indicator of the final product. The VGA trailer showed only limited gameplay, but included an encounter with a cyclops, a horde of skeletons, a centaur, and also offered a glimpse of a new weapon, similar in style to the Gauntlet of Zeus from Chains of Olympus.

[edit] February 2009 Update

Kratos in the "Epic Scale" trailer

In February 2009, a new trailer, several screenshots and a plethora of new information were officially released. The trailer expanded on the section of gameplay shown at the VGA's, boasting superior graphics and demonstrating the seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. The trailer and accompanying screens also showed new gameplay devices, including the use of enemies as battering rams/shields, and Krato's new ability to 'hijack' control of larger enemies such as the Cyclops, using them as a weapon against other foes. There was some controversy regarding the relative lack of gore in the trailers compared to other God of War titles, but it was soon revealed that ERSB had censored the trailer, and that the final product would feature full gore and blood effects. Sony remain tightlipped regarding the release date of God of War III, but have stated that it will be revealed at E3 2009.

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