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Kratos now faces the Kraken


Kratos encounters the Kraken in God of War II. When trying to make his way over to the new born Phoenix, Kratos encounters the Last Spartan who he accidentally kills. The Kraken then raises up to the central platform and is about to attack but Kratos doesn't attack, at this stage he believes all is lost in the fight against Zeus and begins to cry out to the God to face him now. As Kratos does this the Kraken takes that opportunity to entangle him in its tentacles and almost crushes him to death. As he is about to die he suddenly gets a vision of Sparta in flames and his wife walking towards him. In fact Gaia is posing to be his wife and tells him that he must fight on. With these words Kratos breaks loose and prepares to fight the Kraken.

Boss Tips

The Kraken is a fairly easy opponent to defeat if you have quick reactions. The Kraken places itself between two pillars on which it coils its tentacles around and rests its body upon the platform. It may not be obvious at first but the player need to attack the Kraken's left tentacle (player's left). In doing so will make the Kraken raise its tentacle to reveal a pressure pad. Now when the Kraken is doing this, drag the corpse of the Last Spartan onto the pad and a air vent will open in the centre of the platform on which the player can use the Wings of Icarus to fly up to the creatures face and strike it repeatedly. The Kraken has two main ways of attacking, the first one being attacking you with its tentacle strike if you step too close to one of its tentacles and the second being the Kraken spitting at you with blasts you back. After attacking its face continuously, the Kraken will eventually swing one of its tentacles into the ground. Now climb up its tentacle and strike the mound at the top. When this is done you will see an action sequence in which Kratos cuts away one of its tentacles. Keep attacking and the second tentcale will come for you and this time it will strike a wall, allowing you to climb across its tentacle and perform the same sequence. After attacking the head just a little more, the Kraken's body will slide from the platform but it still holds onto the pillars with its tentacles. Now a lever will be revealed which the Kraken was placed on. Pull the lever and a bridge will connect the two platforms. Luckily the bridge slides into the Kraken's mouth and when it makes contact with the other platform, kills it.

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